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Great Hockey, Good Fun!

June 27 & 28 2015

Bentley University

Waltham, MA

For College Recruiters:   Coach Packet  (No Code Needed- click on LimeLight from University account)

Limelight and Front Rush’s Coach Packet have teamed to provide college coaches an online platform with rosters, athlete profiles, and schedule. Info available in Coach Packet one week prior to the event.   Visit for more info.  For questions, please contact Emily via email at

June 12-14, 2015

Spooky Nook

Lancaster, PA

Recruitment Consulting ->   Educational Presentations by below specialists will be delivered at each showcase

Kim Kinsella - Recruiting Consultant

Kim, CEO of  Kinsella Connections will give 2 presentations designed to assist in the unanswered questions, lack of information, and overwhelming parts of the recruiting process.   Click for website



Videographer  ->    Pre-order your video with First Scout and save up to 20%!   To pre-order, visit  

                                      or call 603-475-1225. Prices will increase after the start of  

                                               each showcase.


Jim Plappert- Recruiting Consultant

Jim, founder of Max-stARS, will be doing 2 recruitment seminars at each showcase.  Especially helpful for those unfamiliar with the recruiting process.  Click for website

Click here for  Max-stARS Brochure

Click here for Jim’s  LimeLight discussion topics

Thank you to all for participating!

Great Hockey Good Fun!!!

Click here for Overview of Kim’s  LimeLight presentation

Colleges who RSVPed, Signed in or Participated Virtually in 2015 LimeLight Showcase